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As a construction company, you should be worrying more about projects and less about managing the day-to-day financial transactions. So here's a list of the best bookkeeping platforms you should consider for your construction company. As such, various software has been created for the purpose of accounting and bookkeeping. There are numerous accounting software out there, so this article has come up with a list of the best bookkeeping software for contractors. Since 2002, LedgersOnline has provided hundreds of companies with affordable bookkeeping and premier customer service. We’ve helped many business owners go from owning one small business to owning several different companies, and along the way helped them manage their books and reach their financial objectives.

  • I have never been more grateful to have a professional that I can trust to take care of my business and the odds and ends I do not understand .
  • We offer our customers a low-cost monthly billing pricing structure for part-time resources.
  • Construction bookkeeping is a unique form of accounting and financial management.
  • We believe that having accurate and up-to-date financial information is essential to making informed decisions every day.
  • Most important, you need the ability to assess the progress and profitability of each project quickly.
  • It allows adjustments to be made easily and can provide month-end and year-end reporting quickly.

Our team keeps track of all job costs, including materials, labor, and expenses, to ensure accurate financial management. If you can manage your job and some of the accounting each month but need a little extra help, a part-time bookkeeper might be a good fit for your business. They can do work such as inputting receipts and tracking employee timesheets, accounts receivable and accounts payable. When hiring a part-time bookkeeper, management still needs to have someone reviewing the work of the bookkeeper. A small business client may see the value in bookkeeping services that help them save time and money. They may be willing to pay a higher rate for bookkeepers who can do more work for them in less time.

Here’s How You Drive Results With Financial Data

Even with all that background on the best construction accounting software, there may be some additional questions that need answering. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about construction accounting software and what it can do for a business. Construction accounting software is known as SaaS, or Software as a Service, and software in this niche can get expensive.

In any case, the two biggest values you get from these are updates and support. So let’s say you’ve decided to make the switch from QuickBooks to a best-of-breed system forjob costing,accounts payables,construction billing, andDavis-Bacon payroll. This will typically represent what’s known as the “base system.” However, these exact feature sets aren’t always the same for every vendor. However, many are able to integrate with time-tracking software, allowing the user to find an additional program that can handle and report its data back to the accounting software. Construction accounting software can cost anywhere from around $10 a month for small- business software for contractors to several thousand dollars. It depends on the company’s needs and the extra modules required for its particular circumstances.

Which method of accounting is best for a construction company?

It also integrates with Stripe, which means that users can start taking credit card payments in the field or through the accounting software to make payments easier. Also, as the contractor grows and requires more from its software program, Sage offers additional programs and modules to help bolster its capabilities. Small businesses just breaking into the construction accounting software market might consider Sage Accounting software. This program is affordable, with costs ranging between $10 and $25 per month, and new customers can take advantage of a 1-month free trial. And with a setup time of just a few minutes, they can start taking advantage of the software right away. There was a time when contractors and construction companies worked from clipboards and file cabinets (many still do!).

What is construction cost accounting?

Construction accounting is a form of project accounting in which costs are assigned to specific contracts. A separate job is set up in the accounting system for each construction project, and costs are assigned to the project by coding costs to the unique job number as the costs are incurred.

Even if new features and reports don’t really interest you, the latest software updates should keep the technology of your system running smoothly. Maintaining an up-to-date system with the help of the vendor also helps them support your software. A company with two end-users won’t require the same support as one with 20, so they’ll rarely pay the same. It also impacts the training hours you might need, what kind of training you require, and what change management issues you and your vendor can anticipate. While questions and issues may require reaching out to the manufacturer, the real efficiency comes with the team being able to use the software to its full potential on their own.


Regarding accounting, Safe 300 breaks tasks down into assignments and work orders. It also retains information about POs, time worked and equipment usage for specific sites. This cloud-based solution has a base of user interface customizations, custom workflows, search tools and collaboration features.


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