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Moving average convergence/divergence is a momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price. Most of the modern indicators have a tendency to identify divergence. This indicator has been considered one of the strongest trading signals in the market. The Oscillator of Moving Average is a popular Forex indicator.

The Moving Average of Oscillator indicator is designed after the MACD oscillator, as such it gauges and plots the difference between the oscillator and its oscillator smoothing. All information is for educational use only and is not investment advice. They simply reflect a foggy view of what has already occurred on the price chart. Converted from the old OsMA in NT6.5/7 which itself is derived from the MACD indicator.

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This code for Oscillator of Moving Averages is based on MACD 4C indicator code published by vkno422 . I have borrowed the concept of 4 colours which I find very useful. For those who are not familiar with OsMA, it is histogram of difference between MACD and its MA . Our gain and loss percentage calculator quickly tells you the percentage of your account balance that you have won or lost. Any other indicator you are familiar with and understand can serve as the third filter. After reading the description of OSMA, you need to open the indicator under the chart window.

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  • The Color OsMA Indicator should be rather treated as a supplement to a forex strategy than a standalone trading tool.
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  • Traders are also free to make use of many other technical indicators.
  • If the Osma Indicator stops declining and instead starts to rise in value, it is more favorable to belong rather than short.

As 2019 began, the pair consolidated between 1.28 to 1.32 range. At the same time, OSMA started rising again, eventually crossing the zero and turning positive again. So according to everything we have seen so far, this should have signaled an end to the downtrend and beginning of the steady GBP/USD appreciation. Essentially, increasing OSMA can be interpreted as a bullish sign and if it goes from negative to positive then it can represent the beginning of the uptrend. The opposite is also true, if OSMA goes negative it can point to the formation of the downtrend.

Where can one download the OSMA indicator?

Another well-known oscillator is William’s percentage range, or more simply known as %R. In Forex, this measure compares the closing price of the currency pair to the high-low range of the specific periods of time. So essentially 0 signifies the highest level of the period in question and -100 denotes the lowest mark during the same time period.

After opening the MT4 platform, one can click on the ‘indicators list’, choose ‘oscillators’, and then ‘MACD’. As a result, the OSMA histogram will appear below the traditional candlestick chart, just like we have seen in the images above. Traders are also free to make use of many other technical indicators. As long as an oscillator for the moving average stays well below zero, predicting a major trend change can be premature. So depending upon the economic data and price action, the pair might settle down for some trading range, or alternatively resume its long term downward trend.

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If there are a number of bars above the zero line, that indicates that there is a a strong upward movement in the price. Clicking on the OsMA launches a dialogue window that allows you to set 4 basic parameters. Three of these are the times over which the various averages will be calculated. The final choice, ‘Apply to’, defines the kind of price value used for the calculations.

Since moving averages are an average of multiple values, calculate as many oscillator values as needed before calculating the MA. For example, if you select a nine-period simple moving average of the oscillator, then you will need at least nine oscillator values before the SMA can be calculated. Moving Average of Oscillator An abbreviation for Oscillator – Moving Average. OsMA is used in technical analysis to represent the variance between an oscillator from its moving average, over a given period of time. As always, to achieve good results, remember about proper money management.

We explained how to combine signals from three indicators, study the intricacies of the procedure, and understand the rules for opening and closing positions. In this review we will get acquainted with the popular harmonic pattern "Bat". We will learn how to find it on the price chart and what trading signals it gives.

Therefore does not take any responsibility for it's quality. If you use any of this information, use it at your own risk. Be sure to verify that any information you see on these pages is correct, and is applicable to your particular trade. BDSwiss Overview In no case will be responsible for your trading gains or losses. If a bullish trend is formed on the graph, all the signals and entry points are similar to those described above, but they must be formed in the complete opposite way.

This is the only explanation why this tool is rather unpopular. Certainly, the OsMA Indicator has its minuses, the main one of which is the excessive number of false signals. It is a typical problem of all the indicators working in proactive mode. However, you already know that the amount of the signals can be significantly reduced by using additional tools of technical analysis. The important fact about the OSMA indicator, based on MACD, is that it is entirely dependent on the current and previous exponential moving averages.


The BB OsMA is a trading algorithm based on the functioning of two forex indicators, namely Bollinger Bands and a modified version of the OsMA moving average. Due to the combination of effective indicators, BB OsMA is a very accurate trading assistant, thanks to which it can be determined the current trend and opened a position in its direction. A trade is opened taking into account the conditions and values ​​of the indicator, so it should be carefully considered the signals received from it. The histograms crosses the lines top-bottom on both charts. At this point, we can be sure about the forming of a bearish trend, which will grow stronger or weaker depending on the further behavior of the bars.

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The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence is the most frequently used oscillator. In fact, the Metatrader 4 platform also uses MACD for its OSMA measurements. The start Saxo Bank: An Overview of the Firm of November will give investors a better understanding of what's happening in the global financial system, and allow them to form their strategies for the near future.

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OsMA is an oscillator based on the difference between two Exponential Moving Averages and their normalized values. The indicator helps to find and use in trading bullish Top 5 best candlestick patterns you should know and bearish divergences of the indicator and price charts. In terms of its calculation method, OsMA is very similar to a better known and more popular indicator – MACD.

What Is the Oscillator of a Moving Average (OsMA)?

Typically the primary line of the MACD will serve as the oscillator, with the signal line of the MACD then acting as the moving average. The OsMA relationship is one of the most fundamental in technical analysis. The Color OsMA Indicator fits all kinds of timeframes and currency pairs.


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