Error after restore of VHD "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart"

Many of these applications will give you the option to deep clean the registry. We recommend that you don’t go with this option, and always review the deletions before they’re made. Do so for all keys that you know for sure are just remnants of uninstalled programs. Once you’re finished, close the Registry Editor and restart the computer normally. Now look for keys that represent applications already uninstalled, then right-click them and selectDelete.

  • In summary, your best bet is to use Auslogics Driver Updater to download them automatically with one click.
  • I can understand your concern however let me inform you that Norton do not have any feature of registery clean up in do have a feature of disk clean up.
  • Wat indication will help me know whether it has become bootable or not.
  • Here making a backup for your important data is suggested to ensure data safety.

As a third option, you could also make use of tools that can scan and fix your computer. Let us explore each of these options in detail. Step 5– Once the scan is completed, you’ll see a list of issues. Click on Fix Selected Issues at the bottom. Now, click on each of these Run folders, which contain a list of applications that your computer is set to run automatically when you turn it on. Once you’ve repaired the Windows Registry, make sure to make a further backup to ensure you can repair it in the future.

CrystalDiskInfo – Best Health Monitoring Tool

This entry was posted in Partition Manager and tagged blue screen of death, NTFS file system error, NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM, ntfs_file_system windows 10, what is NTFS file system by EASSOS. According to Google search results, error saying that the file cannot be accessed by the system has become a long-known problem to many computer users. These errors can be caused by disk problem, account permissions and so on, due to which users won’t be able to back, copy or edit certain files. A Clean Boot starts Windows with only the essential programs and drivers installed, with no other applications. This condition essentially assists users in determining whether a background program is causing the mistake at hand. Then restart your computer to start the process.

But, was playing a game, closed it, opened Firefox, everything froze. When I turned it back on everything loaded slowly and would freeze if I tried to open anything. Restart again, and suddenly I start getting the error loop. Have an Asus running Windows 8 so I let it try doing its own fixes, no help, try doing a system restore, got to the end and then it said the restore failed. Eventually came here, downloaded the Microsoft installer bit to a USB, followed the solutions but couldn't find msahci in the register but found the other two fine. Set values to 0 reboot to BIOS, set it to AHCI and now I'm stuck in BIOS on every reboot.

Method 3: Use PC Reviver to fix broken registry items

The Windows registry has also become more robust as Windows itself evolved from Windows 95 to Windows 7 and 8. Whatever you do, never choose an “auto clean” option, such as the one in RegSeeker.Ever. Back up your data.The best protection from registry hassles, or any computing disaster, is to have a current backup.

Repair your system

One of the main factors that cause Windows has detected file system corruption error is the corrupted Windows system file. Follow the step-by-step instruction provided here to use the System System File Checker tool to scan system files and repair missing or corrupted system files. Those system files in question are prominent reasons for Windows being unable to run System Restore properly.

Now when you know what causes a disk read error, let's dive in and learn how do I bypass or fix repair disk errors as well. The cable connecting your hard drive with other system components can also be damaged. Also, the read/write head of the hard disk might be malfunctioning or damaged as well. Another data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, is also helpful for retrieving data from a corrupted hard drive. With the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition, you can easily fix the disk read error. To boot your computer, get the Professional Ultimate Edition and use “Bootable Media” to create a bootable disc now.


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