GitLab: understanding pipelines, stages, jobs and organising them efficiently for speed and feedback loop by Marcin Ryzycki

Whenever infra updates are required, the code changes trigger a GitLab CI pipeline that we set up, which validates and deploys the changes into various environments . With this pipeline, what once was Jupyter notebook-driven ML research is now an automated process deploying models to production with little manual intervention from data scientists. If variable_type is excluded, it defaults to env_var. If you’re using, you can skip this step.

Jenkins can be easily integrated with other tools in the software development process, such as Git, GitHub, and Bitbucket. This pipeline helps to deploy the codes or any application to the staging environment or into production. The purpose of this pipeline is to push the code after continuous integration and testing into any environment of the user’s choice. Deployment pipelines can be automated where once the code gets into staging we can push it into production based on our requirements and timelines. The code is taken from the development environment as it is placed by the CI pipeline already.

gitlab pipelines

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Their engineers become more productive by reducing time to deploy applications. And, they can accelerate revenue by deploying their software faster. Whether a re-deployment works as intended depends on the pipeline configuration, because it will not do more than repeating the deploy job under the same circumstances. Since you have configured to deploy a Docker image using the commit SHA as a tag, a re-deployment will work for your pipeline.

ORKG Pipelines

Pipeline status and test coverage report badges are available and configurable for each project. For information on adding pipeline badges to projects, see Pipeline badges. To push a commit without triggering a pipeline, add or , using any capitalization, to your commit message. Manual jobs, allow you to require manual interaction before moving forward in the pipeline. Enter any CI/CD variables required for the pipeline to run. You can set specific variables to have their values prefilled in the form.

Multi-project pipelines combine pipelines for different projects together. A staging stage, with a job called deploy-to-stage. A test stage, with two jobs called test1 and test2. So we are starting with the things that are very close to GitLab, GitLab already does incident management. We're focusing the observability there first and making progress there because it adds a lot of value to close that loop with the customer.

Singleton SD / Gitlab Pipelines

Write access is not needed for the developers to do the commits and the maintainer can accept the same from developers and merge their code into the repository. The branching system is similar to other workflows where the branches are merged into the central repository directly. This is a distributed workflow that is good for any open-source project.

  • We believe this environment provides an ideal backdrop for GitLab to demonstrate significant value.
  • Now, gitlab-ci.yml file has to be configured with different stages of jobs.
  • Job is the smallest unit to run in GitLab CI/CD. It is often called a “build step”.
  • No other platform can give this level of visibility across every step of the software development lifecycle without needing to buy or maintain a third party tool.
  • Any variables overridden by using this process are expandedand not masked.

On your Project’s overview page, click New file. Log in to your GitLab instance and click New project. Let’s talk about how, by organising your build steps better and splitting them more, you can mitigate all above and more. In this article, I assume you already had a try with GitLab or at least have some experience from other CI/CD systems like Jenkins, CircleCI etc. Keep the reference doc for .gitlab-ci.yml open and read more about each option, as we discuss them. GitLab offers sophisticated abilities when it comes to organising your build.


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In the Run for branch name or tag field, select the branch or tag to run the pipeline for. Parent-child pipelines break down complex pipelines into one parent pipeline that can trigger multiple child sub-pipelines, which all run in the same project and with the same SHA. This pipeline architecture is commonly used for mono-repos. Merge trainsuse merged results pipelines to queue merges one after the other. I don't -- at my fingertips, I don't have the exact number of customers with five licenses or more.

After the image is published, it triggers the training and evaluation Apache Airflow pipeline through the AWS Lambda function. Lambda is a serverless, event-driven compute service that lets you run code for virtually any type of application or backend service without provisioning or managing servers. VMware Carbon Black is a renowned security solution offering protection against the full spectrum of modern cyberattacks. Use the needs keyword to run jobs out of stage order. Pipeline mini graphs allow you to see all related jobs for a single commit and the net result of each stage of your pipeline. This allows you to quickly see what failed and fix it.

Here you want to execute the deployment job for the master branch only. To define more complex rules on whether a job should run or not, have a look at the rules syntax. In your deployment pipeline you want to log in to your server using SSH. To achieve this, you’ll store the SSH private key in a GitLab CI/CD variable . The SSH private key is a very sensitive piece of data, because it is the entry ticket to your server. Usually, the private key never leaves the system it was generated on.

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It has built-in caching and parallel processing capabilities that allow developers to run their pipelines quickly and efficiently. Jenkins, on the other hand, can suffer from performance issues when running large and complex pipelines. It requires manual optimization to ensure it can handle the load.

gitlab pipelines

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This saves time for the developers and the code will be in production within a short duration of time. There can be different projects running on the same Gitlab and it might confuse the users as to which pipeline to be triggered. The project pipeline helps to describe the dependencies of the project and code thus helping in understanding the project. There are API’s used in the pipeline which is triggered automatically and this is specially used for micro-services.

We anticipate that Intelligent Code Security will automatically detect and remediate code quality and security vulnerabilities. Second, we make it easier for customers to incorporate AI into their applications faster. In this step you have created an SSH key pair for the CI/CD pipeline to log in and deploy the application. Next you’ll store the private key in GitLab to make it accessible during the pipeline process.

Therefore, we use a Lambda function, also maintained with Terraform, to trigger any DAGs specified by the DAG name. With proper IAM setup, the GitLab CI job triggers the Lambda function, which passes through the configurations down to the requested training or deployment DAGs. We developed custom code to version ECR images and SageMaker models. Merged results pipelinesare merge request pipelines that act as though the changes from the source branch have already been merged into the target branch.


Starting in GitLab 12.3, a link to the latest pipeline for the last commit of a given branch is available at /project/pipelines//latest. Also, /project/pipelines/latest redirects you to the latest pipeline for the last commit on the project’s default branch. Directed Acyclic Graph Pipeline pipelines are based on relationships between jobs and can run more quickly than basic pipelines.

In GitLab, go to the Project overview page, click the + button and select New file. While you’re in the variables section, you’ll also add a variable for the server IP and the server user, which will inform the pipeline about the destination server and user to log in. You are going to store the SSH private key in a GitLab CI/CD file variable, so that the pipeline can make use of the key to log in to the server.

You have now stored the private key in a GitLab CI/CD variable, which makes the key available during pipeline execution. In the next step, you’re moving on to configuring the CI/CD pipeline. You are going to create an SSH key for the deployment user. GitLab CI/CD will later use the key to log in to the server and perform the deployment routine.

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For each var or file_var, a key and value are required. If you use VS Code to edit your GitLab CI/CD configuration, theGitLab Workflow VS Code extension helps youvalidate your configurationand view your pipeline status. Starting in GitLab 14.2, you can change the pipeline column to display the pipeline ID or the pipeline IID.

Also, there’s a difference in feedback like “your tests are failing” vs “your tests are passing, you didn’t break anything, just write a bit more tests”. I only have experience with self-hosted GitLab. If you have just one or two workers , don’t put many CPU-intensive jobs in the same stage.


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