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With CI/CD pipelines, the entire process from committing code to deploying to production can be completely automatic. Ideally, existing engineers already have some coding/automation ability.

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Posted: Thu, 05 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

An AWS DevOps engineer should ensure that an application and the systems it runs on implement appropriate monitoring, logging and alerting solutions. By combining these steps into one pipeline, DevOps automates most aspects of software development. Every organization is using DevOps practices, but what are these companies looking for, in a DevOps engineer. This blog on DevOps skills will explain the skills required to become a successful DevOps professional.

Communication and Collaboration Skills:

Passion for learning is something that will take you through some tough competition. In the world of DevOps, as a lead engineer, you must beware of very new tools that are out there to automate the development process. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery shortened as CI/CD, is how to become a devops engineer the essence of DevOps. It is the practice of continuously integrating all the code from different developers, testing them, and deploying the successful code to production. Deploying to production will mainly require spinning up new containers, which is again automated using scripts.

skills for devops engineer

This makes them highly valuable but also adds to the responsibilities and workloads. It also allows hundreds or even thousands of servers provisioned in a short amount of time from a single manifest file ensuring these servers are of the same exact copy and behavior. Jenkins has been around for a long time and also has a large community behind it. The huge library of plugins provides answers to most of the features you’re looking for in CI/CD as well as problems you will encounter as a DevOps engineer.

Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery

As the role of technology grows in society, there is an increasing demand for DevOps specialists. Maintaining and improving the performance of an organization's IT infrastructure. Hire a reliable outsourcing partner and meet the needs of your customers. Consider EPAM Anywhere Business, the best DevOps solutions and services provider for any business and industry. Hire the best engineers in terms of profitability and efficiency to save your budget and get the desired result. Whether you choose Junior, Middle, Senior, or Expert specialists, you will receive top-notch DevOps services and cutting-edge solutions. This DevSecOps skill set is a powerful competitive advantage of DevOps in the professional market.

These skills are collected after consulting the recruiters from various companies. Cloud computing skills is $101,646, which rises to $117,409 for senior DevOps engineers with 10+ years of experience. DevOps engineers are among the most well-paid professionals in the developer segment with a higher salary than the average software engineer. Compensation levels have also increased due to the focus on digital transformation during the pandemic. Ruby and Python are the top two scripting languages relevant for DevOps professionals. Popular DevOps tools like Ansible are built on Python, and candidates need to know the language well to execute commands, perform DevOps tasks, and resolve pipeline bottlenecks.

Linux Operating System

To overcome this challenge, get in touch with Relevant now, and we will help you build a brilliant DevOps team. Most firms have begun to adopting DevOps practice, making DevOps Engineer one of the most sought-after professions in the IT field today and DevOps engineer salary very excellent. Let’s go through the 10 essential DevOps skills employers are looking for. The salary structure may vary with experience, location, skillset, and various other factors. The average salary of the DevOps engineer is between 6 LPA to 7 LPA. Instead of specialising in a single scripting language, a DevOps engineer should be fluent in several. Python, Golang, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, Java, Bash, PHP, and other languages are among them.

  • In addition to strong technical skills, DevOps engineers also need to have good communication and collaboration skills.
  • No two people are alike, so strive to see beyond your point of view to improve and solve problems.
  • An AWS DevOps Engineer will ensure that the systems under her purview are built in a repeatable manner, using Infrastructure as Code tools such as CloudFormation, Terraform, Pulumi, and AWS CDK .
  • You may be in a position where you’re just starting out your career in DevOps or maybe you already have experience but want to dig deeper as well as further improve your skills.
  • Therefore, it is vital to understand the concepts and apply them correctly.
  • The certification is offered by the DevOps Certification Board, and it requires passing an exam.

If you’re using the native AWS services for your continuous delivery pipelines, you’ll need to be familiar withAWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline. Other CD tools and systems you might need to be familiar with include GitHub, Jenkins, GitLab, Spinnaker, Travis or others. Back in the day, when we deployed software, it was usually done by copying large amounts of code from one server to another, manually editing configuration settings, and then manually restarting servers.

Configuration and Version Management

It allows for cooperation without the time-consuming process of emailing files back and forth between team members. It also allows teams to communicate from anywhere in the world without having to drive to the office every time something has to be changed. You need to be able to achieve your goals alone or working in a team. It’s not always possible to get into a project with a team of DevOps engineers, so you need to be able to set and achieve your goals. The ability to teach others is a good way to consolidate and systematize your own existing knowledge. Even though Docker is leaning back, we cannot exclude it from the list of necessary skills. It is difficult to imagine anything else for local use for several more years.

However, keep in mind that this figure is an average salary, while some companies will pay more than others depending on their budget for hiring new team members. Seniority level also plays a big part in how much a DevOps engineer makes. As they gain experience and move into management positions, they’ll often see their salaries increase as well.


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