Understanding Buy and Sell Walls for Placing Smarter Orders

what is a sell wall

Again, this shows the whale is trying to control the price rise, smoothing it out and making it an even and stable increase while simultaneously selling some of his coin. These walls are often started by large investors, but they can also develop by masses of small investors as well. Both buy and sell walls can be used to manipulate prices, but they can also provide valuable information about the market. Buy walls and sell walls are two important concepts that every investor should understand. Buy walls indicate that there is more demand than there is available supply, while sell walls indicate that there are more sellers than buyers.

Insiders who sold US$25m worth of Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ:AVGO were amply compensated - Yahoo Finance

Insiders who sold US$25m worth of Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ:AVGO were amply compensated.

Posted: Fri, 02 Dec 2022 13:00:13 GMT [source]

For starters, some sell walls may be arbitrary and happen purely by chance, as a large number of small investors happen to place sell orders at a similar price. In this way, other traders pick up the wave, reinforcing the sell wallt o the point that the volume of purchases cannot bring it down. This phenomenon is because traders seeing a large drop also begin to get rid of the coin in anticipation of a sharp drop.

What is the strategy behind a sell wall?

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If this is the case, it’s more likely the seller is trying to actively manipulate the price to encourage people to either buy or sell the coin. Usually when this happens you’ll see massive bids and offers in the order book. The whale will be acting like a bully, pushing the price up or down as he pleases. Again, the risk he runs is having his bluff called, whereby another rich whale will clear his entire order.

What is Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency?

When the price points of a bid and an ask match, the exchange makes the trade. The occurrence of these trades in turn influences the price GMT of the asset. When such trades take place, the price of the cryptocurrency or stock is driven up. NewsBTC is a cryptocurrency news service that covers bitcoin news today, technical analysis & forecasts for bitcoin price and other altcoins. Here at NewsBTC, we are dedicated to enlightening everyone about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Spoofy is the nickname for a mysterious cryptocurrency trader who allegedly manipulates bitcoin and crypto prices.


Their appearance is considered a sign of high liquidity. Buy walls are attractive to large cryptocurrency holders who need liquidity to reset their positions. Buy walls and sell walls are perfectly healthy aspects of a smoothly functioning market -- to a certain degree. Whether it got there by natural or artificial means, a solid wall GAL can stabilize the targeted cryptocurrency and support a higher volume of ordinary trades. Market depth is considered to be high when there are high volumes of pending orders on both the bid and ask side. This means that prices are less easily manipulated by large market orders at any particular price, since these are absorbed into the large volume of overall orders.

On another crypto exchange, you might see either a buy wall or a sell wall instead -- or even both at the same time. In some cases, the walls simply appear as a natural effect of large orders being placed in illiquid markets. A whale investor wanting to set up a large position in a small coin immediately creates a buy wall.

What does a wall mean in stock?

A buy wall is the result of a single huge buy order or the composition of multiple large buy orders that are put at the same price in the order book of a particular market. Buy walls can be created by a wealthy individual, group of traders or institutions.

This is especially the case when market depth is low and a single whale or group of whales can cause significant price shifts. While a sell wall can be created by a single entity, it can also be created by the sum of multiple orders placed at the same price level. Large Sell walls typically occur around significant resistance levels. If a market appears in the top 10 sell walls and has over $1 million in daily trading volume and has been in a uptrend, it can mean it is close to topping out.

Van de Poppe added that altcoins were also on the radar and that it would be interesting to see how Ether , in particular, deals with upcoming resistance. As noted by popular trader Pentoshi, the entity that had purchased BTC at the last low near $34,000 had now put in a significant ask position beginning at $45,000. If a DEX only token has publicly available data pointing to an, albeit temporary, pseudo-pegged ETH ratio, would it even last? To my mind, it begs the question of information asymmetry, or if volatility is a hard metric to capitalize on regardless of accuracy. While sharing his thoughts on where Bitcoin might trend in the near-term, one analyst explained that he is watching for a move to all-time highs. Once new all-time highs are set, it may enter a price discovery mode that results in it seeing significantly further upside.

In other words, a buy wall indicates that traders are more inclined to buy than to sell. When buys overweight sells, there is a race to sell cheap bids. Once the cheap bids are bought back, their place is quickly filled by higher-priced buy bids. Buy walls and sell walls are not necessarily dealbreakers, but they do serve as a useful warning sign for potentially risky cryptocurrencies. The presence of a buy wall effectively sets the lower limit for price movement, especially if the cryptocurrency is thinly traded. It takes a large amount of more ordinarily sized sell orders to exhaust the supply of buy orders at the buy wall’s chosen price.

Perhaps you’ve stumbled on the term buy wall or sell wall before when you traded stocks or crypto, but you haven’t quite grasped the meaning of the terms. Buy or sell walls, sometimes known as bid or ask walls, are actually a very simple concept which can help you make better decisions when placing orders. The upside of a sell wall is that there is a lot of liquidity since there is a volume to sell. However, there is no purpose to have active sell orders for crypto if there is insufficient buying pressure. This is partly due to the fact that the liquidity may signal that the whales are dumping their coins on the market to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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  • Sure they affect the price in the short term, but in the grand scheme of things, they are less important that they can appear.
  • Some whales intentionally do so to sway market sentiment and manipulate prices for their own gain.
  • Various protocols have attempted to implement liquidity walls in order to bootstrap growth.
  • Olympus DAO, as another example, strategically owns the majority of their liquidity in an attempt to stabilize the price within sell and buy walls.

With the above in mind, you you see a sell wall in the order book. Instead, you should keep your wits about you and observe how the market reacts because once the wall is removed , the price can move to the upside quite aggressively. This is called a buy or sell wall because it resemble a wall.

If the sell wall didn’t exist, these people wouldn’t be selling. The offer wall encourages ‘weak hands’ and day traders to sell some of their coin. All of these events happen because someone wants to sell a sizeable amount of coins and isn’t afraid to hide it. It goes without saying that the more https://www.beaxy.com/ of a specific cryptocurrency you hold, the more you are affected by changes in the price of that cryptocurrency. It is not in a whale's best interest, for example, to allow a currency to climb in price above a particular level until they have accumulated as much of that currency as possible.


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